Corporate Spirit


Integrity – A corporate is not able to be sustainable without integrity.
Integrity is the spirit core of Meyer. We keep training employees with integrity, doing business with integrity and treating partners with integrity.  We strongly believe that integirty is foundation to be sustainable.


Objectivity – Meyer integrates theory with practice, abandoning subjectivity and dogmatism. Meyer is committed to combining advanced management philosophy with enterprise practice and asking all employees to take practical situations into account when dealing with problems.


Innvoation is driving force for a company’s sustainbale development. Any innovation oriented by market demand is what Meyer keeps seeking for, including thinking innovation, technological innovation, institutional innovation, management innovation, and process innovation.  For Meyer, indigenous innovation plays a key role in upgrading to a leader in sorter industry.


Corporate Values

Pursue High Quality

Meyer is committed to high quality measured in leading industrial technologies and excellent craft.

Serve Customers

Meyer has always taken meeting customers’ needs as the starting point, creating values for them maximumly.


Corporate Vision

Upgrade to a high-tech company focused on intelligent identification

Intelligent identification technologies define Meyer and we will keep investing in R&D to stay ahead. Meyer is expected to be a first class company highlighted by its high technologies globally through expanding applications of products and offering turnkey solutions to industries and the society.


Development Strategy

Talents Training

Meyer develops a “People Oriented” strategy of “Attract talents with promising career; Make them stay with decent salary;unite them with corporation/company spirit/culture” to build its talent pool. Talents training has come to first priority for Meyer’s sustainbale development. The reserve talents are required to have grassroots work experience, take praise and blame as being normal and follow a principle of morality-first for promotion.

Construction of Management System

1.Build a relatively complete management system gradually, based on the current ISO system.
2.Strengthen every part of the management system including construction, implementation, inspection and optimization, forming a closed loop process and a complete management system.

Cultural Development

Integrity, objectivity and innovation together form Meyer’s core corporate culture. Cultural development is to build and strengthen corporate culture as well as inject new meanings to it at different times. Also, cultural development plays a key role in enhancing staff cohesion, improving executive ability and inspiring creativity as well as making Meyer more competitive.